Join the original “Hillbilly-Hoodrat” Brother JD
— Artist, Host & Producer of “Turn & Burn” on Discovery Channel/Velocity/3NET and Wrench Wars TV —
as he and his Americana Radio guests discuss all things Americana!

Music to Cars to Tattoos-Gone-Wild.

It’s a True Celebration of the Blue Collar Nation!

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Some of the greatest stories yet.


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Home brew, motorsickles and music too.

True Americana straight from Kingston, Washington – Cool people, great stories and that mellow beer fed vibe!

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The world famous Venice Beach in Southern California is the backdrop for the 5th Dogtown Rumble Car Meet.

Brother JD talks with local car guys, family business owners and skater kids among customs and classics ranging from the ’20s through the ’70s.

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Special thanks to Six12 Media for taking such great shots of the 5th Annual Dogtown Rumble. Click here to meet Gianni’s family and get more info and directions to Amelia’s Espresso & Panini.

Take a trip to wild and wonderful West Virginia where we meet Brother JD’s dad and hear about his upcoming nuptials as well as his skills on the steel guitar.

Meet cousin, “Penny” and her boyfriend, “Bernie” who talk about moonshine, hunting, demolition derby, bull riding, home security, and flesh eating beetles!

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Listen to Bo Wilson from The Bo Wilson Incident as he and Brother JD talk music and fear vs. love. He’s one cool dude!

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And check out that “Keith Richards knuckle” from all the playin’ and pickin’ over the years! He can be found on Facebook or at

Also, Brother JD had the pleasure to speak with true Las Vegas Pro, Danny Wilde who’s projects include, but are not limited to: Winters Call, Metropolis, Roxshow, as well as occasionally teaching at The School of Rock.

The evening wrapped with a Whiskey Crawl with Brother JD, Chris Mulkey and Xander Hitz.

Just wait until you hear all that went down at the Wednesday Night Car Meet!

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Our Guests for the inaugural episode of Americana Radio:

Daisy at Superiority Complex. You can find her shop at 5746 West Adams Blvd #2, Los Angeles, CA or hit her up at 213-880-7830 for all your retro and rock-a-billy apparel needs.

Blake Weddington, founder of the Odd Squad Car Club. You’ll enjoy his barn find stories.

Bert, Josh and Dan from the Centuries! Catch their upcoming dates on their Facebook page or at Reverb Nation.

And a special shout out to Mr. David Conrad for his stories, music and spirit!